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Designed, assembled and tested by an experienced engineer and supply chain professional. Electric Audio Engineering aims to reduce waste by using overstocked/surplus OEM electronics and conventional Hi-Fi designs optimized for high performance and quality relative to price. I make no hype speakers, use no hype reference equipment, and good engineering and manufacturing principles to ensure a high value audio product. My first design was demonstrated to a local speaker luminary who told me the design "doesn't suck". I kept my day job.


My products are not designed using the latest software. I don't own a wind tunnel to test things in. I don't have a $10,000 ultra premium test amp, use proprietary or exotic materials or any magic whatsoever (no fancy cables or even fancier cable suspension blocks). My products aren't likely to change your life. Each design is inspired by a real person. I keep things no frills.


In my professional career I have experience in a variety of industrial engineering roles involving OEM medical device products, blood processing disposables, mass spectrometers (MALDI-TOF and 3QMS), industrial cameras and robotic warehouse systems.

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 Electric Audio Engineering, 1391 Hyde Park Ave. Studio F. Boston, MA


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