Electric Audio Engineering

Designed, Assembled, and Tested in Massachusetts, USA.

High Performance Loudspeakers and Studio Monitors

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High Performance and High Fidelity

The Dave

Enjoy all the details but don't wake the neighbors!


The Khoa

Budget boxes for near field listening at a desk or hiding on a bookshelf.


The Jeff

Mini speakers you don't have to hide.


The Chloe

A true, high performance micro speaker. Designed to disappear.


The Scotty

Hi-Fi party speaker for when those little BT speakers aren't big enough.


The Q Series Reference Monitor

Designed to faithfully reproduce analog recordings. A reliable reference monitor for A/B testing.

Q Series

The Henry Julius

Exceptional performance for the price, anything but generic sounding. Intended to impress your investment banker friends. Built for 5th Avenue, at home on Comm Ave.

Henry Julius

Frivolous Systems: Fast1 Super Tweeter

Affordable Audio Esoterica designed by Frivolous Systems.
If you don't know what a super tweeter is, then this product is not meant for you.

Frivolous Systems: Fast1

Frivolous Systems: Boomer Special

Entry Level Super Tweeter Product designed for capacitor rolling.

Frivolous Systems: Boomer

Custom Designs to Suit

Custom creations and other wild audio fever dreams. Email electricaudioengineering@gmail.com for more information and a quote today!


Coming Soon: Goessling Cables

Sourced and tested by Electric Audio Engineering, these high quality speaker cables include three single conductor telephone wire cables cut to length twisted, tie wrapped, shrink wrapped and terminated with banana plugs by local Boston guitar hero Parker Goessling. Photos coming soon.

Coming Soon: 3-way pTWMW Speaker Pair

Striking 3-way pTWMW speaker pair. Dual 6.5" Bass Woofer, 1.5" mid and 1" tweeter pod point sourced array. Book matched cherry. A "living room center piece" style speaker

Photos Coming Soon.

3-way pTWMW