3-way pTWMW Speaker Pair

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Furniture quality book matched cherry 3-way pTWMW speaker pair. Dual 6.5" Bass Woofer, 1.5" mid and 1" tweeter pod point sourced array. No frills, no grills built yet. Photos Coming Soon. Email for first dibs and check the newsletter for build progress.

I just finished the first bill of materials and sub component kitting for this exciting upcoming model. It is an eye catching, high performance loud speaker pair that sounds every bit as sweet as it looks. A "living room center piece" style speaker they're designed for table or on-stand placement, I think they look great next to my TV. They are too deep to wall mount and are too deep and heavy for bookshelves, not that you would want to hide these from sight. 


HiVi pod tweeters, 2x Dayton Audio graphite filled polycarbonate bass woofers, with an aluminum alloy Auratone in the mid woofer spot. pTWMW configuration, approx 75 wpc. 3 way crossover. Recycled PU foam fill.


Toying with the idea of adding a passive radiator array on the back to increase efficiency. This will require the user fiddling with proper distance from the wall.

This speaker pair is intended for front L/R use. If you planned to use this as a center you'd be disappointed, if you want to use them as the rear channels you might have too much money and should think about giving me some via Patreon.