MVPP 1: The Chloe and Dayton Audio DTA-1

A perfect micro pairing for big sounds in small spaces. Approx. $100 for Dayton Audio DTA-1, The Chloe speakers w/integrated cables, and amp to source cable. 

This Minimum Viable Product Pairing (MVPP) focuses on low cost, low wattage speakers and a simple, single input, single knob amplifier.


Starting with: $75

 The Chloe: Micro Speaker - Full Range Pair – Electric Audio Engineering (


Dayton Audio DTA-1 - 15wpc Class T Mini Amp - $15 sale price from Parts Express

AmazonBasics - headphone to headphone cable $10

Existing Source: analog out on a tv, computer monitor, laptop or phone. Shown with an iPhone SE for example.